Standard program

The standard program of erotic massage will give unforgettable sensual sensations to beginners. Starting with the classic strokes and gentle rubbing of fingers and brush, the girl makes her touches more and more exciting. Lying on your stomach, you can enjoy the sensual scent of jasmine, the sweet fragrance of the ylang-ylang or the masculine smell of sandalwood. The gentle hands of the masseuse, lubricated with aromatic oil, glide smoothly along your back, alternating gentle strokes with excitatory clicks. Masterfully using pads of fingers and nails, an experienced masseuse can make your feet a source of exquisite bliss. Skillfully teasing the erogenous zones located on the legs, the girl will strengthen your excitement by touching the buttocks and abdomen. Massage your breasts is much softer and more affectionate. Sliding strokes alternate with gentle claps, and sensual kisses in the navel - with a mild breath over the nipples. Constantly changing sensations will help to rise on, unattainable before, the heights of pleasure and discover that life can be even better. Lifting you to the top of sensual pleasures, the girl will pass to the most gentle massage with the help of hair and feathers. When long thick hair glides over your body like silk, even the most insensitive places of your skin light up with the fire of sweet torture. And only when you can no longer tolerate, the logical end of the erotic massage will appear an explosion of amazing sensations.