Intim massage: on the wave of bliss

Intimate massage, body massage, erotic massage ... Each of these definitions implies a single mystery, the mystery of enjoyment, taking away on its wings to the world of dreams, a world of unfulfilled fantasies and incredible sensuality. We know a lot of types of relaxation - from the usual "gatherings" with the companions to the extreme in all its manifestations, whose goal is the same relaxation that comes after the release of adrenaline. However, the true connoisseurs of the body and soul claim: to compare with the stormy, all-consuming orgasm, which ends the session of intimate massage, none of the other relaxation variations will be able to.

Erotic massage: Kiev opens a new world of relaxation

What is an erotic massage in its modern execution? Newfangled invention of a host of physiologists and psychotherapists, or something that has come to our world through the depths of millennia?

Despite the different development of a number of ancient cultures, the body massage technique (Kiev has already discovered a new world of relaxation bliss) is inherent in each of them. The proud Japanese emperors and the oriental sultans in the bliss, fabulously wealthy sheiks and Roman generals, who were always rushing into battle, were all chosen by a benevolent fate that led through their life a string of delightful pleasure called Eros.

In fairness, we note: in the time of the birth of the first techniques of intimate massage (Tao of Love, Tantra Yoga, Kama Sutra), sorceresses from the world of Erotica, now known as geishas, hetaera and courtesans, ended their mysteries with an act of sexual fusion. However, this need has disappeared by itself, when the experience of erotic masseuses of all nationalities began to gradually merge into a separate direction, now called a body massage.

We will slightly open the veil of secrecy, and we will conduct to you, our dear customers, through the barrier, a scarlet line, delimiting the worlds of gray everyday life and a magical rest in Erotic style.