Erotic massage: an open circle of routine

Time is money - time - and again money. Alas, this is the order of the modern business man, and whether you are a "shark" of the business world or a novice entrepreneur, its structure does not differ much and differs only in the amount of funds that have fallen into a bank account. The flow of endlessly routine days is diversified by rare "breaks" in the company of especially close friends or by randomly met classmates. Then - return home, where at best the spouse defiles past, poisonously noting your unstable position.

In the morning - again an endless run: jump behind the wheel or call the driver, followed by the same jump in the car, endless traffic jams of the metropolis, meetings, promises, contracts, signatures. Stop and rest? Fly to the fabulous islands and forget about the whole world? But competitors are already hot in the back, and every day of absence they are fraught with newly created problems. And suddenly someone casually pronounced the word "erotic massage", initially provoking only interest, is already following you all day. Curiosity pushes to the bell, a velvet voice replies: "Diamond" salon is at your service", the time is fixed, and here you are, in front of the door, behind which the world of Temptation, Temptation and Erotica comes to life.

Erotic massage: first acquaintance

Immediately make a reservation: the massage parlor does not provide intimate services. There are no priestesses of love who drink sip greedy not only the juices of your body, but also the contents of your purse. Here there live delightful nymphs from the world of Erotica, whose art and sophistication are brought to perfection. They are unusually sexual, frenziedly passionate and at the same time wise. They know every cell of the tired body, they know your problems, and they know about your desire. The intertwining of their hands, the gentle touch of their breasts and the sweet curves of their hips, are all components of the sacrament, which is called the erotic massage in Kiev.

Where fantasies and dreams are fulfilled, there is no restraint. Heat and flame, tenderness and delicacy, and again a storm of passion. Bliss is near, and here you are at its peak. Shuddering in ecstasy body, tender embrace of bliss and pacification, waves running through each muscle. A young seductress who performed body massage, burning her eyes and breathing faster, offers a cool drink full of the aroma of oriental spices.

Already through the overwhelming and at the same time delicious fatigue, the look marks the perfect outline of the figure of the masseuse - a high chest, legs, the slimness of which will be envied by any diva of the catwalks, a gentle line of thighs. Yes, just now there was a nymph, otherwise it can not be called. Nymph the erotic massage (Kiev has already appreciated her skill!), Skillful, passionate and extraordinarily tender. A sweet-velvety voice asked the question - did you like the session, do you need something else, will you come again? Yes, of course, everything is delicious and, of course, I will come. I'll come myself, and bring a friend, because of this miracle, Kiev must certainly know. For what can be compared to such extraordinary bliss of the body? Nymph Erotic law: to compare with bliss can only re-bliss, experienced at tomorrow's session of erotic massage!