Erotic massage "Eros"

Erotic massage – a new stage in the sexual life of any modern man. We offer you the opening of new erogenous zones, exchange, increase positive energy – emotions. Salon Diamond offers – erotic massage without sex. Regular practice of erotic massage helps not only the general improvement of the body, but also fully disclose all of your (sometimes readers are unknown) erogenous zones. This allows you as long as possible to control his body, make love, the desire to extend the ability of union with a woman. The main parts of the body undergoing erotic massage, are the male genitalia, as well as stimulation of other erogenous zones are human. The procedure is performed naked body of a girl with aromatic oils, incense, a specially selected soundtrack Eastern music. A man entered a light trance, shall be removed from the real modern civilized world, all his attention is focused on listening and bodily sensations. Erotic massage is a special type of procedure, which promotes sexual potential, increases the sensitivity of the sexual function. This type of procedure is shown to all, regardless of marital status, age, sexual experience, it is a complex event enriches love life, enhances sexual desire.