Thai massage

One of the modern directions of teaching, was Thai erotic massage. Its difference from the classical system lies mainly in the entourage, as well as in the healing power of erotic desire.

Relaxing massage

A classic relaxing massage in Kiev of the whole body is one of the most common types of massage that all men like. Our virtuosic masseuses so will break your back, stomach, chest, upper and lower limbs, that you will feel an unprecedented ease in the whole body.

Standard program

The standard program of erotic massage will give unforgettable sensual sensations to beginners. Starting with the classic strokes and gentle rubbing of fingers and brush, the girl makes her touches more and more exciting.

Massage salon in Kiev

The real man is God and if he isn't, so then he urgently needs the help with an idolization. We will do without pathos, just talk sensibly and frankly. To live in Kiev and not to think that you can do everything not to live at all. The modern man is not just big shoulders, dense eyebrows and a set of spontaneous emotions. Such portrait is lost irrevocably, and to the best.

Foot massage

Legs, like all other parts of the body, need care and care, so, massaging your hands, proceed to massage your feet. Do not worry the passive partner, because he is relaxed and feels great, it is better to continue the massage and to give him the maximum pleasure.

Erotic massage: an open circle of routine

Time is money - time - and again money. Alas, this is the order of the modern business man, and whether you are a "shark" of the business world or a novice entrepreneur, its structure does not differ much and differs only in the amount of funds that have fallen into a bank account.

Intim massage

Intimate massage, body massage, sensual massage Kiev ... Each of these definitions implies a single mystery, the mystery of enjoyment, taking away on its wings to the world of dreams, a world of unfulfilled fantasies and incredible sensuality.

Salon of erotic massage: what does the body dream about?

The blood no longer runs, but it seethes through the veins, the breath is lost, the tension reaches a peak ... and the waves of the bliss disintegrate through the body. What is eternity in comparison with these seconds spent in the our salon?

Salon of body massage: on the verge of orgasm

A bit of his own time, and a preliminary arrangement will open the doors of the body massage salon. One step - and the body envelops the delightful atmosphere of the upcoming action, called erotic massage. Music in the style of relaxation, a swirling head of the aroma of oriental spices and the flushed body of the masseuses passing by - goddesses from the world of erotic dreams.

Erotic massage "Eros"

Erotic massage – a new stage in the sexual life of any modern man. We offer you the opening of new erogenous zones, exchange, increase positive energy – emotions. Salon Diamond offers – erotic massage without sex.