Choose Massage

1   Еxpress massage
Duration express massage 30 minutes. You can choose a classic massage or erotic massage.

Сost - 300

Сomplex massage
The duration of the program's 60 minutes. Starting a program with classical massage smoothly into the erotic massage with relaxation.

Cost - 500

European massage
Duration European massage 1 hour 30 minutes. It includes two relaxation and between the classic full-body massage.

Cost - 700

Double enjoying
You can enjoy two beautiful girls at the same time and get twice more pleasure. Duration VIP massage 2hours:  

Cost:         30minutes -  600
                  1 hour       -  1000
                 1 hour 30 minutes - 1400

VIP massage
Duration VIP massage 2hours. Professional classical massage from head to toes fingers of hands. Private dance, unlimited relaxation with touching, kissing and sharing a shower with the girl.

Cost - 1500

Massage for apartments
If you're tired, you have little time or do you know the bad city, use the massage service at home. You can select the girl online, pictures are all real. We can offer our massage services in your home.

Cost :
                         1 hour      -  650 + taxi
          1 hour 30 minutes - 800 + taxi

Addition to massage

1 Touching - you can touch the girl during a massage.

Cost – 100

Kissing - the girl kisses the body during erotic massage, except the intimate area

Cost – 100

Aqua relax - you can take a bath with the girl in a romantic setting.

Cost – 100

Private dance - beautiful girl will dance for you erotic dance.

Cost – 200

5 Massage egoistka - if you want you can have a massage to the girl.